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Firm Foundations

The thing about this business of having babies, and bringing up small children, and being with them all the time, is that you have to be everything.  An all-rounder, but with absolutely zilcho all-round training.  You’re a cuddler, a feeder, … Continue reading

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Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

Grandpa didn’t like to talk about the war.   These things I know: He was with a regiment that drank lots of whisky.  He was shot in the bum and sent home.   In, I think, 1994 he and my Grandma went … Continue reading

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How To Make a Village in the City

I grew up in a small hamlet of a small village on a wide Yorkshire moorside.  As kids we loved lecking out on the moors, free from adults; the world our playground.  We had a little gang of about eight … Continue reading

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And the Greatest Of These

‘I don’t believe in Love as an abstract,’ said 20-year-old me, probably over a pint and a cigarette in the Student Union bar.  After all, I knew everything then. What I think I meant was I didn’t believe in romantic … Continue reading

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6 Ways in which Christmas is already doing my nut (in).

Christmas doing your nut in already?  I’ve decided to speak out after 3 years’ silence in a handy and entertaining listicle.  Because, as every lazy blogger knows, there are a finite number of ways in which anything does anything.  Fortunately. … Continue reading

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Ziggler turns five next week. Our love, these days, is mercurial.  Sometimes, I’m great. I am pretty, kind and I smell nice, and I’m just the right kind of squishy.  Other – I’ll be honest most – times, I am … Continue reading

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The Marvellous Secret World of the Day.

Come closer.  Check behind you.  ‘Lean in,’ as the Americans say.  Here’s a secret.  We stay at home parents know it.  Retired people know it.  Freelancers and gas engineers probably know it.  People who’ve taken the day off to move … Continue reading

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