For Sausage and Zaffion on their wedding day.

My sister and her partner got married today, after ten years and two boys together. It was a very South East London wedding at the register office and the pub. I wrote and read this poem for the occasion. Best love, Sausage and Zaffion!

Today was real long ago.
No striplings we.
When we agreed to live in tenderness together
And share our good selves and our bad with one another,
We promised.

With our sons was born our marriage;
Their births a vow to know each other to the end.
Through blurry newborn days and nights we held each other fast.
And as our children grow we grow together.
Though sometimes chaos took and takes us
And cleaves us to a fingertip alliance
We remain true.
In this way, we promise.

Our children honour and obey us. Sometimes.
We together cherish them always.
We promise and we keep our promises.
We love and comfort in bereavement and sickness,
In triumph and in joy.

We work together for a common cause:
Our family, each person in it, and our place in the world.
Today we pledge the truth of our promises.
We declare them anew.
We confirm in public what our life has quietly told.
We promise.


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One Response to For Sausage and Zaffion on their wedding day.

  1. Kate says:

    Congratulations Sausage and Zaffion. Gorgeous poem.

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