We’ve been very busy here over the last week – getting married, feeling teary at Trulove’s soppy and lovely speech (me), dancing furiously at the wedding (Ziggler), eating anything not nailed down at the wedding (Pickle), going on a mini-honeymoon in the poshest and nicest hotel I’ve ever set foot in, hanging out with my new husband (trying that out without feeling squeaky new-husband clean), having a little cry because we had to come back to the drudgery, feeling very pleased to see my babies again, wrapping presents, cleaning the house a bit, making an ill-advised food-shopping trip to Sainsbury’s and now, sitting on the sofa sipping ginger wine and writing my blog.

Details and possibly photos – if I can bear them – of all the above later.  For now, have a safe, wonderful, not-too-stressful and completely over-fed and over-presented Christmas.  Much love to all.  And Gawd bless us, every one.


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Bad housewife.
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