An Objective Opinion.

Everybody thinks their children are the most beautiful, the most talented, the cutest and the best. I actually think both of mine are geniuses and because I joke about most things people think I’m joking about that too, but I’m not.  They really are incredibly clever and very advanced as well as being pretty, cute and funny.

I asked my mum the other day if she thought Ziggler was going to grow up to be absolutely beautiful, because she is such a stunningly pretty toddler.  Mum replied, ‘Er, yes… but I think there’s an element of you being her mother making you think that,’ which, once the insulted sting had worn off, I put down to pure jealousy because neither of her two children were as good-looking as Ziggler is.  Except me of course.  And Sausage.  Whatever – I don’t pretend to understand the inner workings of my mother’s mind but in any case, it’s clear she was lying.  Ziggler is definitely the prettiest toddler I know.  Except Daffodil.  And Titch when he was a toddler, both of whom are almost equal in beauty.

ANYway, the point of this discussion about how gifted (and beautiful etc) my children are was to tell you that PICKLE CAN WALK!  She can do three steps.  She is only 11 months old so that confirms her genius status as far as I’m concerned (let us skate over the fact that Ziggler couldn’t be bothered to do it ’til 16 months).  She is extremely pleased with herself and her new trick.  Yesterday we went to get her some shoes and she is also extremely pleased with these, twirling her feet and admiring them when she is sitting in the pushchair.  Clearly this opens up a whole new world of disaster management for me, but I’m remaining positive and hoping that it signals the end of Pickle putting any old rubbish off the floor in her mouth, which will be one less thing to worry about.  Yes – I’m aware I should not have any old rubbish on the floor in my house but there you go – bad housekeeper.

So, hurrah for Pickle!  Combine her amazing feat with the fact that Ziggler can now type her name on my computer (generally when I’m trying to do something important on it like the online grocery shop or read an exciting mumsnet thread) and I think you’ll agree – My Children Are Geniuses.  You’ll have to take my completely objective word for it that they are also extremely beautiful and full of grace.  Sort of.


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2 Responses to An Objective Opinion.

  1. Sausage says:

    Don’t forget Munchkin. He was, for a while, the most amazing child who ever lived. And that wasn’t just my opinion.


  2. vickola says:

    Well, I didn’t count Munchkin as I felt he had an unfair advantage what with being The Most Amazing Child That Ever Lived.

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