We got Annie

We have an unexpected new cat. Her owners have moved to America in a bit of a rush (we will miss them). They had two cats but Clarabell had made herself at home elsewhere some weeks ago, leaving Annie alone and homeless. So she came home with us.

Ziggler is beside herself with a mixture of excitement and (though she’s not admitting it) fear. She calls her ‘Cat’ and wants to know where she is at all times. She wouldn’t brush her teeth because she was ‘talking to Cat’. She wanted me to put Cat back in her basket before she (Ziggler) went to bed. I tried to explain to her that there’s no point telling cats what to do as they just do what they like really. I find it hard to understand that she of all people didn’t understand this concept.

Pickle slept through the whole event. Up to now, Annie has been settling in quite nicely but I fear this will change when she meets the baby. And the food, biscuits, cat litter and hair all create a whole new world of inappropriate eating for the Pickle.

I think a cat is nice to have around and this one is a sweetie. But I can’t quite believe I’ve given myself another creature to make sure I keep alive.


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One Response to We got Annie

  1. jude says:

    Love this.Laughed and laughed out loud.Are you my doppelganger?

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