Mother Map

I am fatter, of course.

I have dark – shaded eyes and a few more wrinkles.

My breasts droop, and my nipples stick out where once they were flat (I prefer them now).

There’s a dry patch on my finger that arrived with Ziggler and hasn’t left yet.  The doctor tells me to wash my hands less often, but I prefer the dry patch to a shit patina.  I used to shake hands reluctantly because I knew mine were always damp, but now they are smooth and dry, like my own mother’s hands.  They look more competent.

My belly is more globe than map-like, with rivers and estuaries clearly marked.

I don’t want to go into my mysterious inner workings.  But believe me they’ve changed.  I can’t walk and sneeze at the same time any more.

My hair and nails grow, and grow and grow; faster than before.  Or maybe time passes without me noticing.


About vickola

Bad housewife.
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